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Hi it's Carmen! Since I don't always get to say everything I want on the show, here's where I can finish my thoughts without Sean and Skip butting in!

Another day in the life of Carmen!

When it rains it pours, right? That the beauty of being a mom …taking care of everyone at once! So, within the past 24 hours, everybody has managed to get sick in my family, including my little doggie Cookie. He has some type of bacterial infection on his skin that is driving him bananas. Poor little guy is itching and itching… breaking the skin open. Breaks my heart…so we are going to see his doctor today. Thank god I have a wonderful vet that is very companionate and does a phenomenal job. I am VERY picky about who sees any of my family members, including 4 legged friends. If you are looking a great vet, his name is Dr. Pete Gilyard – at Clemmons Veterinary Practice…Clemmons, NC… Great staff! I always like to give love to people who do a great job and I will put my name behind and support. So, I have that going on and then little man came down with a cold and a slight fever all in the same day. There is nothing worse than having a sick child, especially at this age. He has the sniffles and a little yellow coming out of nose, congestion… but overall he is hanging in like a champ…on the way to recovery. He seems to have more energy today, so that is a major bonus. It’s hard when you have a little boy with an extreme high tolerance to pain, or feeling down in general. They want to keep going and do not slow down unless it is something major. Boys are good like that! I wonder where he gets that from? Mommy is quite a tomboy – ha ha … When in doubt, I put Pinocchio on DVD and he thinks it is the best movie ever… a classic, so I am proud of him!  I used to be the type of mom that would make weekly visits to his pediatrician for every little thing! Hey, better safe than sorry. Over the past year (or 6 months at least) I have calmed down a bit…his doctor is probably saying ‘thank God’ – lol – just kidding. As long as is fever stays down and he is still drinking fluids and does not get extremely lethargic, we are in business. So, there you have it. Oh…and back to the ‘when it rains it pours’…an update on my Grandmother you guys were asking me about. (thank you for your concerns…it means a lot) She had her surgery yesterday and is doing great. In fact, at 83, she can run circles around me. What an amazing woman. Tyson is truly blessed to have a Great Grandmother. I had mine until I was 16. She lived on an old farm house in the country. My favorite memories are sitting around her kitchen table eating whatever she had made from scratch from her own garden. They don’t make em’ like that anymore! What amazing experience God gave me with an amazing human being J Going home now, so you guys have a wonderful day and remember you can always email with whatever is on your mind at Carmen@987simon.com Sometimes I’m good with advice, but overall I’m a mess…trying to be less of a mess...ha ha…Make it a GOOD one!

09/15/2010 8:46AM
Another day in the life of Carmen!
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