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BEST song from the 90's?

What was the best song from the 90's? It's a tough question, because music was so different in the 90's. We had Pearl Jam on one side, Tupac on the other, and Color Me Badd somewhere in the middle. Alternative music changed what top 40 was, but then rap and hip hop changed it again. For people who are young enough to have graduated in the 90's, I wonder what music you remember as "your songs" from that time. Hit me back if you have any you remember.

08/04/2010 9:05AM
BEST song from the 90's?
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06/30/2011 8:58PM
371.. Super :)
04/01/2012 1:51AM
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06/01/2012 8:25PM
seith what do you mean u play everything no country no rock no jazz , too much funk call medina , wild thing ., prince sucks , listen when you havent heard a song in 35 yrs thers a friggin reason it sucks , ive caled and talk to u yahoos 5 x's with good song on fri. butyet no song played some dass yankee calls in and bam , play his song, ithink you justt do away with fri. show people call in 4 the same sh----ray ray
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