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Hi it's Carmen! Since I don't always get to say everything I want on the show, here's where I can finish my thoughts without Sean and Skip butting in!

Beach Trip 2010

Back from the beach...there is something to be said about a little 2 year old playing on the beach and getting in the water for the first time. We brought the video camera so one day he can look back at his cute self! Looking through a little kid’s eyes is so amazing. Every little thing…every little wave…the bubbles…the seashells…all of it they are so intrigued by. It really has taught me how to slow down and look at the world around me and appreciate it more. We run such busy schedules everyday as adults and forget to stop and look at all of God’s gifts. Little man has taught me so much and taught me how to really live again. He was such an angel the entire trip…and can I say how great a DVD player comes in handy on road trips! Yeahhhh for the DVD player – lol – Anyway, these precious moments come and go so quick it is so important to live every moment to the fullest with our children. I am truly blessed and thank God everyday for giving me such a wonderful gift. As always make it a good one and welcome back to all the kid’s in school! Time to hit the books!!! Muahhhhh

08/23/2010 6:47AM
Beach Trip 2010
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