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Hi it's Carmen! Since I don't always get to say everything I want on the show, here's where I can finish my thoughts without Sean and Skip butting in!

Last Night's Storms in NC

Sending prayers & love to all our friends & family effected by the storms/tornados last night - Lots of damage that will take a long time to rebuild and one life lost that we know of right now - The pictures coming in are heart breaking - If you would like to help out call or visit The American Red Cross website - To contact your local Red Cross call 800-RED-CROSS  or go to www.redcross.org   - We are working on posting a link to our main page our website right now! Thank you so much - Be safe & have a great Thursday - Carmen
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A-HA Moment!

There are certain moments that will stick with us and I had that 'A-HA' moment last night. Lil Man & I were doing the night time routine, which sometimes can be a lonnnnnggggg routine when it comes to 'cleaning up'. lol  He is the first Grandchild, so let's just say he has A LOT of toys. In his lil people church school, the kids have small cans they are collecting pennies to help children in need at Christmas, children that may not even have a Christmas without a little help. We did Operation Tyson's Toys when he was 2 years old to help Brenner Children's Hospital, so he kind of gets it. I made sure he was part of dropping the toys off and going into the hospital.... So we have been really talking about this 'can' since last Sunday. I have tried my best to explain that many children are not as blessed as we are and it's our job to help them. He is pretty smart and exposed to charity events through the radio station, so he is doing pretty good at understanding this concept as a 3 year old. So, here we are putting our pennies in before we go night night and he jumps up, like a lightbulb went off in his head and walked over to his toy box. He started pulling out trucks, cars, books...and said 'we give them this, and this, and kids can read this book'  Let me tell you I felt this sensation come over me of pure love. He even had a set of new little cars (from the movie) that he had JUST got that weekend and said 'not now, but later they have these'. OH! My heart!!! I just smiled, got on his level on the floor, and told him how proud I was of him. See, I could tell him all day long how important it is we share and give to others in need, but it really becomes magic when a child really gets it, feels it in there heart, and becomes proactive without me even saying anything. All I can say is thank you Lord for such a beautiful child that lights up my world everyday. It's those little things that really matter at the end of the day. Make it a GOOD One!  
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4 Letter Word

No, not that word! I'm talking LICE!!!  Makes me cringe to think about. Fingers crossed we do not have that WORD (do not give energy to it - lol ) in my household. Don't get me wrong, I really feel bad for ANY child who gets it, it spreads like mad, and there is not much you can do to prevent it...well, unless your child lives in a bubble!  Lil man, who is now 3, had a big play date last week & the next day one of the mom's called me to let me know one of the boys had lice.  My first reaction is to grab a paper bag and breathe - LICE - it's like I've never heard the word before - uhhhh...duhhhh....you do have a child, right?  The reality is, at some point we will cross these bridges of childhood and we do not get a free pass card. Mama needs to get a grip and roll with the MANY challenges we will face, as we play the grow up game and get over myself! Humor is God's Gift I tell you.  You know I went into panic mode off the bat, but I remained calm...thank you for letting me know mama friend...really.  Ya know, she could have not told me at all.  I slowly put the phone down and ran over to Lil Man's head...just picking through it like a monkey does her baby - lol - what a sight! He must have thought 'what in the world is wrong with this woman I call Mommy?'  Once I broke out every cleaning supply, washed the sheets, on & on...it came to me 'ok, so if he were to get this, how far can these suckers jump?'  lol  Then the thoughts...'ok, would it show right away if he got it?' That's when I broke out the 'go to numbers' - the people in your life that you can call for whatever issue that is 'their thing'...they each have a special gift of knowledge and OH how I am blessed to have these friends - lol - so I call my mommy friend, she has 3 kids, natural medicine is her THING - she is my go to with kids - you name it, she has dealt with it. She said sometimes it can take days to tell (itching - full blown episode) before we even know - She did say look for dandruff that will not seem to 'shake' out - AKA  - EGGS! I'm calming down now because at least I know what to look for now. I went to a Natural Herb Shop & learned about a great soap made from NEEM - Check it out - all natural, and even though they do not advertise for that purpose - I love using it everyday, never knew! Needless to say, Lil Man's hair has been cut into a wonderful short mohawk - and no sign of that 4 letter word. Make it a GOOD One!!!
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Little man and Mommy

Just a quick update on little man, we went to the doctor and they have referred us to a speech therapist, as well as a neurologist to make sure everything is alright. Although the doctors think his stuttering/delay is not connected to his fall, we want to be sure. He has had a great week…running around 100 miles per hour…full of energy…full of love. I am one lucky mom! 2 year old little boys have such a great sense of humor. I’m hanging on to these sweet hugs and kisses as long as I can! We just got a membership to the Children’s Museum, so that is a big bonus with the cold weather. It’s such a great place to play and explore. We have been going there since he was 6 months old. If you have children and have never been, check it out. Also, we have found out about free programs at the library. Storytelling, arts and crafts and his first library card…yeahhhhh!!! Well, time to get out of the office and take it home! Little man is waiting on his mommy and I have a feeling we will be napping together today. Little bit sleepy, but hey, there’s nothing better than cuddling with your little one for a long nap J Make it a good one!
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Any advice would help!

Ahhh…the beautiful age of 2. Now, why is it that people call it the terrible 2’s? This is my favorite age with little man. So sweet, yes, he has his moments, but we all do last time I checked! Many of my friends told me that 3 is now the new 2 – haha –so I wonder what that is going to mean when he turns 3 –  he will still be as cute as he is now. We really have to embrace our family… give our time, love, and compassion to our full potential. He has taught me unconditional love. Yeah, yeah…I thought I had it figured out before, but I had no idea. You learn to love through the good, bad, ugly and forgiveness becomes truly a defined word. I feel so blessed and I really hope I can share those blessings with others. A smile can light up a room, soften a bad day, or as like to call it for adults…our challenging moments! One thing I would like to bring up, any feedback is appreciated, recently, one morning little man woke up and started stuttering out of nowhere. It was the most bizarre thing. Of course he is learning so many words everyday, but this was a hard stutter that sometimes takes him 6-10 times to get his thoughts out. This has me deeply concerned. We have taken him to the doctor numerous times, and he has appointment today. The day before the sudden onset of stuttering, he fell at the playground at the Mall and hit his head. Everything is heavily padded there…and there were no bumps, indentions, marks or anything. The stuttering the next morning scared me so bad, I took him to the doctor. He examined little man, did some test of him walking…standing on toes and back of heels, vertigo test and checked his ears, head, and looked him over. He basically wrote it off as a coincidence and told me to keep in touch if it got worse. He also said this was a very common age to have the ‘stutter’ or delayed speech because they are learning so many new things/words at once. I understand where he is coming from, but something tells me it is more than that. So, today I am going to push for a scan and see if they can detect anything. I really don’t feel I am over reacting…this is my child, and the sudden stuttering makes no sense. It may have NOTHING to do with the fall, but there is something going on. If he needs to go to a speech therapist, that is fine also. I don’t feel like he really needs therapy right now, but they are experts and may be able to detect what the doctors and scans do not pick up…or is completely unrelated. Ok, wish us luck and say a prayer. For now, I am trying to stay calm and take whatever steps are necessary to figure this out and move in the right direction.
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Merry Christmas!

Taking a much needed break to be with family and friends for an entire week…so excited to have this time. I will for sure miss you guys, but it’s only once a year we get to see certain friends and family from all over the globe. So sweet...it’s these moments that count the most, little man will only be 2 for so long…I love to see my families faces light up when they have not seen him all year. Plus he really racks up…haha…that makes mommy happy! Pamper money…yeahhh! Something I’ve really thought about this year is stepping outside of the box and giving more of me…meaning, my service’s I can offer to others. I would like to rename this Christmas as the ‘Season of Service’ and I hope it catches on! Most everybody I know does not have the funds like they used to…it’s just a hard year all the way around. I’m finding myself in that same position…trying to stretch every dollar. Not as much bank roll per say. So, I’ve done what I can with buying presents and have extended my budget as much as possible, but I really think giving part of me…my hands and love for others will be the biggest gift I can give. On my time off, I plan on doing 2 things. The first is to donate my time to a local soup kitchen. Even if it is one shift, it is so important to help take care of our community. Remember, every bit counts…even if it is only for an hour, you can help somewhere somehow. Second, a friend and I have chosen a family that is in real need of Santa’s help this year. They are struggling with bills, food, and Christmas gifts for their children. Our main concern is to help them put a warm meal on the table and share that special time on Christmas day. So we are getting a grocery store gift card and made a couple of stockings filled with goodies they can use. It’s not a lot, but it’s what we can do with what we have. It will be a surprise this week that I am looking forward to giving! So, I encourage others to take the lead in ‘Season of Service’ and reach out in anyway you can. Remember, it does not take money to make it happen…you can reach out in so many ways. Have a wonderful, beautiful Christmas filled with love and the blessings of Jesus Christ. Make it a good one!
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Help Fight Breast Cancer at Studio Z

Getting back in the swing of things…it was a good 2 weeks of not hitting the gym…little man being out of school…etc…all due to those little nasty viruses that were going around! Things are on the up and up now…everybody is back on routine, even though I did pull little man out of school for the month just to get his immune system back up and healthy. Ok, so my PSA of the day is…if your kid is sick, do not send them to school…or in our case, little people school. He is only there 3 times a week and the staff is great where he goes, but really…keep the sick ones at home until they get better. It’s just a win-win for everybody! So, really exciting news for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My friend, Stephanie Collins owns a hair salon/studio in Greenboro called STUDIO Z –510 A North Church Street -  what she is doing through the month of October is these really cool pink hair extensions for $10 a piece – ALL proceeds to Breast Cancer Research, so make sure to stop by and see them! They are for a great cause and look really cool! Call the STUDIO Z TODAY and check out what they have to offer – the phone number is 336.698.4400 – also, I just got my hair done and the pics are up on the website. Please support a great cause and tell ALL your friends – ok…back to the gym I go! Make it a good one.
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Homeopathic Remedies...

It seems like these cold/sinus/sniffles keep lingering around my house like a bad habit! First little man was sick, then last week I went on meds…and now…surprise! He is back to coughing, sniffling, itchy throat…the whole nine. So, we went to the doctor this time and his doc put him on some antibiotics. I’m not a big fan, but he really needs them this time around. One thing that has intrigued me is learning more about homeopathic remedies. A friend of mine is an expert of natural healing and different alternative approaches in medicine. It just seems like I keep giving Tylenol and it is not really doing much other than helping keep the fever down. I am very hesitant to buy any children’s cough/cold over the counter medicine. It seems like I have read an article or seen on the news so many cases where it has been harmful. Recalls left and right…just not something I will ever buy for little man. With that being said, we still needed something to break up the mucus, sooth the throat, help him sleep without coughing all night. So my friend suggested going to Whole Foods and recommended a couple of alternative medicines to sooth all of these conditions. I have used many herbal remedies for me in the past, but have not used any medicines like these on children (toddler at that). I bought a brand name Hyland’s Cough and Cold 4 Kids and it has worked fantastic. It is all natural, so I’m not pumping his body with unneeded chemicals that really are not treating his sickness that I can tell at all! Also, I bought the Emergen-C powder packet filled with all the good vitamins to help boost his immune system…you just mix it with water…I throw a little bit of ice in there…and wa-la…I also am a big fan of V-8 drinks – he gets a couple of glasses a day, so when he wants to be a picky eater, he is still getting all the healthy stuff he needs. Just in the past 48 hours I have had such a great experience with holistic medicine that I think I am going to really study it more…learn as much as I can…take some classes…educate myself on ancient medicine that I can trust. If anybody has any advice, please respond and let me know your thoughts. This is not just a trend for me…or a brand new thought of study…my parents used alternative medicines with me as well growing up for certain illnesses or preventive treatment s mainly. My Grandmother used to visit an Indian chief that was very helpful and installed some of the ideas I want to pursue on. I am also blessed to have a Shaman to go to for advice. She has already taught me quite a bit about natural healing and energy. She has also been ‘in my family’ since I was 8 years old. So with a beautiful circle of love and knowledge around me, I think this will open my eyes and awareness to another level. How exciting! Any feedback would be great.
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Big thanks to Rock the Block!

Give a big shout out to everybody who came down to ‘Rock the Block’ in Winston Salem this past weekend. Such a nice, vibrant crowd…and I was amazed how many people were there. The Simon crew had a blast…met so many cool people…got to put faces to a lot of you guys who listen to the show…it’s so nice to shake a hand and meet for the first time. All the bands rocked the block…literally! Special thanks to Love Gun, KISS tribute band that we interviewed a while back. Phenomenal job…brought the place down. I have never really been into KISS, so it was a true experience. I was so glad I started feeling better to go host the stage…Thursday I really thought I would not be going anywhere that weekend…damn fever would not break…but everything works out the way it is suppose to, right? Check out our calendar…events and appearances…out on the streets over the next couple of weeks…just about in every city in the Triad to Burlington…so make a date with us if you can! Alright, I’m going home to my real job now…taming a 2 year old – ha ha – would not have it any other way!!! Make it a good one! Carmen
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Time to Party!!!

Rock the Block downtown Winston Salem Saturday Night -BE THERE - I will be hosting the stage in front of Foothills Brewery starting around 7 o'clock...this year is going to be bigger than ever and it's FREE!!! Love Gun, the biggest KISS tribute band everhas a lot of tricks up their sleeve you don't want to miss - just introducing them on stage will be an act in itself - I can't tell you what we are doing - it's a BIG surprise - they go on stage around 9 - Make it a GOOD one!
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