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Hi it's Carmen! Since I don't always get to say everything I want on the show, here's where I can finish my thoughts without Sean and Skip butting in!

Homeopathic Remedies...

It seems like these cold/sinus/sniffles keep lingering around my house like a bad habit! First little man was sick, then last week I went on meds…and now…surprise! He is back to coughing, sniffling, itchy throat…the whole nine. So, we went to the doctor this time and his doc put him on some antibiotics. I’m not a big fan, but he really needs them this time around. One thing that has intrigued me is learning more about homeopathic remedies. A friend of mine is an expert of natural healing and different alternative approaches in medicine. It just seems like I keep giving Tylenol and it is not really doing much other than helping keep the fever down. I am very hesitant to buy any children’s cough/cold over the counter medicine. It seems like I have read an article or seen on the news so many cases where it has been harmful. Recalls left and right…just not something I will ever buy for little man. With that being said, we still needed something to break up the mucus, sooth the throat, help him sleep without coughing all night. So my friend suggested going to Whole Foods and recommended a couple of alternative medicines to sooth all of these conditions. I have used many herbal remedies for me in the past, but have not used any medicines like these on children (toddler at that). I bought a brand name Hyland’s Cough and Cold 4 Kids and it has worked fantastic. It is all natural, so I’m not pumping his body with unneeded chemicals that really are not treating his sickness that I can tell at all! Also, I bought the Emergen-C powder packet filled with all the good vitamins to help boost his immune system…you just mix it with water…I throw a little bit of ice in there…and wa-la…I also am a big fan of V-8 drinks – he gets a couple of glasses a day, so when he wants to be a picky eater, he is still getting all the healthy stuff he needs. Just in the past 48 hours I have had such a great experience with holistic medicine that I think I am going to really study it more…learn as much as I can…take some classes…educate myself on ancient medicine that I can trust. If anybody has any advice, please respond and let me know your thoughts. This is not just a trend for me…or a brand new thought of study…my parents used alternative medicines with me as well growing up for certain illnesses or preventive treatment s mainly. My Grandmother used to visit an Indian chief that was very helpful and installed some of the ideas I want to pursue on. I am also blessed to have a Shaman to go to for advice. She has already taught me quite a bit about natural healing and energy. She has also been ‘in my family’ since I was 8 years old. So with a beautiful circle of love and knowledge around me, I think this will open my eyes and awareness to another level. How exciting! Any feedback would be great.

09/28/2010 8:45AM
Homeopathic Remedies...
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