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Hi it's Carmen! Since I don't always get to say everything I want on the show, here's where I can finish my thoughts without Sean and Skip butting in!

Little man and Mommy

Just a quick update on little man, we went to the doctor and they have referred us to a speech therapist, as well as a neurologist to make sure everything is alright. Although the doctors think his stuttering/delay is not connected to his fall, we want to be sure. He has had a great week…running around 100 miles per hour…full of energy…full of love. I am one lucky mom! 2 year old little boys have such a great sense of humor. I’m hanging on to these sweet hugs and kisses as long as I can! We just got a membership to the Children’s Museum, so that is a big bonus with the cold weather. It’s such a great place to play and explore. We have been going there since he was 6 months old. If you have children and have never been, check it out. Also, we have found out about free programs at the library. Storytelling, arts and crafts and his first library card…yeahhhhh!!! Well, time to get out of the office and take it home! Little man is waiting on his mommy and I have a feeling we will be napping together today. Little bit sleepy, but hey, there’s nothing better than cuddling with your little one for a long nap J Make it a good one!

02/03/2011 10:02AM
Little man and Mommy
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01/12/2012 9:00PM
little man and mommy
i dont think you have nothing to worry about he will start talking planer in a li ttle bit
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