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Halloween is over??

Another Halloween goes down in history.  I never did see the "Angry Birds" or "Charlie Sheen".  What was the number one costume at your door?
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BEST song from the 90's?

What was the best song from the 90's? It's a tough question, because music was so different in the 90's. We had Pearl Jam on one side, Tupac on the other, and Color Me Badd somewhere in the middle. Alternative music changed what top 40 was, but then rap and hip hop changed it again. For people who are young enough to have graduated in the 90's, I wonder what music you remember as "your songs" from that time. Hit me back if you have any you remember.
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Blast from the past

Saw this walking around the other day... wow.  Talk about a blast from the past!  Anyone else got any cool old-school 98.7 stuff like this>
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Swine Flu...Freak out or stay cool?

Where do you fall on the spectrum of Swine Flu emotions? It's all hype? It's just the flu? We're doomed?

To be totally honest, I'm a little scared, but trying to remain alarmingly macho at the same time. It IS the flu. People get it every year. Somehow when you associate it with pigs, it gets scary. (one thing to remember is that you CAN NOT get the swine flu from eating pork! Enjoy your bacon.)

I'm a little scared because I'm in a risk group, being asthmatic. As you know if you also have asthma, we're in the risk group for everything.

Guess I'll get swabbed and get a shot. Make it two shots with a beer chaser!
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First Day of School

Wow, I so remember this day and all the pain and sufferring it used to bring!

After a summer of laziness, it's time to get up early...AND take a shower...AND wear decent clothes...AND go to school??? For the whole day? "Can't we just do a half a day for the first few weeks and ease in to this?"

The ride to school (or walk, as many of us did) was so long.

The walk up the sidewalk was too.

Inside, it still smells just like last year. "It's gonna be a long time until next summer!"

What was that familiar smell? Looking back, it must have been a combination of books, bread baking in the cafeteria, and terror.

The first sight of a friendly face was such a welcome vision! "What did you do all summer?" "Nothing. What did you do?" "Nothing." "School sucks!" "I know!" A little exchange like that took the edge off, and the next thing you knew, you were walking home from that first day and kind of looking forward to seeing your friends again on the SECOND day of school. After day three, you stopped giving them numbers and it was all routine again.

The top things I learned in school:

Be polite. It counts for a lot.
Don't two face your friends. You can't get far enough away to outrun the shame of it.
Try. If you make an effort, you'll get help. If you don't, you won't get any sympathy for being lazy.
Be part of something. Don't let it all pass you by.

Of course, I learned all these things years after I threw my last stack of school papers high in the air. If my time machine worked, I'd go back and do it right.
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Strange Friday?

Anybody else got a strange feeling? Don't get me wrong, I still love that it's Friday. It's just an odd day.

Maybe I'm feeling like the kids heading back to school next week or something.

"Bet You Won't Play It Friday" was awesome! This week we got more calls than we have lately and we really really worked on playing all the songs requested. It's impossible to play them all in the 4 and a half hours they give us on the air, but this week I was really jammin' them in. I hate to ever miss a single one.

If you've never called, do it next week! You don't have to go on the air with us, but we would love for you to. Here's the number: 336-373-0987.

Who knows what it is that makes this Friday feel just a little bit "off"? Perhaps my red meat level is dangerously low? Better go steak up.
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How's your dog?

Very expensive research tells us that most Simon listeners are "dog people".  This is only to say that they own dogs more often than cats, not that they have any distaste for cats.  We didn't research that part.  The facts show that most of us have at least one dog.  With this in mind, we often deal with pet related issues on the GET UP show. 

Today, we offered translations of dogs barking.  There's a new product out called Bow Lingual. Here is the audio of our translations: http://www2.987simon.com/listen/dog-translator

Well, it turns out the original inventor of the "Bark Translator" was listening to Simon this morning and called to tell us about it. Unfortunately, she could not get a patent and the invention was sold to a Japanese company. She now produces a cat translator. Here is her website: http://www.animalvoice.com/

What do you think?

When scientists taught a gorilla to speak in sign language, she eventually was able to communicate with her handlers. After she had become fluent in signing, she would sign the same message to the humans around her over and over. After spending so much time humanizing her, all she wanted to say on her own was, "Let me out!"

So, dogs aren't gorillas. They need us...But, are they trying to tell us something? What do you think?
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So Hot...can't...grill....

We're experiencing the hottest week of the summer in the lovely Triad area.  People are sun burnin', heat strokin', and forgetting that this IS Summer. 

It's interesting how the heat affects people in such dramatically different ways in different settings.

Heat in Punta Cana, "Wow, it's so tropical!"

Heat in Greensboro, "This s*%$# is getting ridiculous!"

Heat in a live volcano, "How amazing!"

Heat in High Point, "I cain't stand this hot.  I don't feel like doin' nothin'."

Heat in Memphis (my favorite), "Let's go to the Peabody and get some drinks."

Heat in Winston, "Let's go roll in that cool mud where the ballpark is going to be!"

It's so hot that the swimming pool water is all warm, like a bath.  Some people love that feeling, but when it's 100 and you jump into a pool, isn't it awesome to get that shock of cold water?  That's living.  When you jump in and it's as warm as cheese dip, it takes some of the fun out.  The heat hasn't bothered me so far.  It makes the AC on 65 feel great and it makes the PBRs even more refreshing.  They didn't win that award for beer excellence back in the 1890's for nothing!

Enjoy your hot days.  The winter will be here before we can turn around twice.
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Sean's "Hangover" Movie Review

Sean's "Hangover" Movie Review

Everybody has told me that the Hangover was going to be the funniest movie I ever saw in my whole life. I was prepared to need stitches in my sides from all the laughter.

Ok. It was funny. The characters are great. We can see some of ourselves in all of them.

Our mischievous side is Phil. Phil does what he wants and laughs all the way.
Our weirdo side is Alan. He knows that tigers hate cinnamon.
Our low self esteem side is Stu.
Our boring side is Doug.
Our tiny side is Mr. Chow. (I couldn’t see it at ALL!)

I do recommend this movie, but be warned. There is a lot of male nudity in it. I’m no prude, but just can’t endorse all the MALE nudity. There’s one shocking moment at the end that I’m not sure they can actually get away with. It might be edited out for video release.

Hangover was not the funniest movie I ever saw, but it’s top 7. I give it three thumbs way up. As Alan would say, “It’s not your fault.”
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