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So Hot...can't...grill....

We're experiencing the hottest week of the summer in the lovely Triad area.  People are sun burnin', heat strokin', and forgetting that this IS Summer. 

It's interesting how the heat affects people in such dramatically different ways in different settings.

Heat in Punta Cana, "Wow, it's so tropical!"

Heat in Greensboro, "This s*%$# is getting ridiculous!"

Heat in a live volcano, "How amazing!"

Heat in High Point, "I cain't stand this hot.  I don't feel like doin' nothin'."

Heat in Memphis (my favorite), "Let's go to the Peabody and get some drinks."

Heat in Winston, "Let's go roll in that cool mud where the ballpark is going to be!"

It's so hot that the swimming pool water is all warm, like a bath.  Some people love that feeling, but when it's 100 and you jump into a pool, isn't it awesome to get that shock of cold water?  That's living.  When you jump in and it's as warm as cheese dip, it takes some of the fun out.  The heat hasn't bothered me so far.  It makes the AC on 65 feel great and it makes the PBRs even more refreshing.  They didn't win that award for beer excellence back in the 1890's for nothing!

Enjoy your hot days.  The winter will be here before we can turn around twice.

08/11/2009 12:00PM
So Hot...can't...grill....
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12/01/2009 11:22PM
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