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Drummer Boy Challenge

Thursday, December 7th
There's a new challenge making the rounds of the internet, and this one is going to be very difficult! It's called The Drummer Boy Challenge , based on the...

Facebook for Kids?

Tuesday, December 5th
Sean & Charley discuss whether they think it's a good idea to create a facebook messenger or facebook features for kids. They discuss whether it's a good...

Project Gone Wrong!

Tuesday, December 5th
Sean shares a funny story with Charley and Matty, about a sticky situation he found himself in when trying to go the extra mile and help his daughter with her...

Charging For Dinner!

Tuesday, December 5th
Sean & Charley discuss the story of a woman who's considering charging for family dinners, because no one brings anything and she's spending so much money...

Grocery Store Etiquette

Tuesday, November 28th
Someone moving like a granny with a shopping cart in front of you? Sean, Charley, and Matty share their opinions on what they would do when they encounter slow...