Latest Episodes

Ranch Out!

Wednesday, March 15th
Hidden Valley is about to deck the world with ranch all over! Hear about the newest thing they are about to launch! Join in the chit chat with Sean, Charley,...

Top 10 Cheat Sheet!

Wednesday, March 15th
Having no luck with a woman fellas? Well no worries, Charley has come to the rescue! Of course... Sean and Matty had to hear it too. Check out the top 10...

Too Much to Drink!

Wednesday, March 15th
How do you handle your breaking points? According to what Sean tells Charley and Matty, a substitute teacher used a specific method while in the classroom...

Tournament Talk!

Tuesday, March 14th
With the NCAA Tournament approaching, listen up to hear Sean, Charley and Matty discuss who they are going with to win it all this year!

Did it happen here?

Tuesday, March 14th
Sean quizzes Charley and Matty to see if they are aware of what is going on around the world. Listen up to see if they can guess which location it is...

New Dating Outlet!

Monday, March 13th
Tired of POF, Tinder, and other sites for dating? Sean has a new solution for you! Check out the new dating app he explains to Charley about!