Latest Episodes

Flat Earth?

Tuesday, November 28th
Sean tells Charley and Matty about a guy who plans to launch himself into with a home made rocket, to prove the earth is indeed flat!

Sexiest Man Alive??

Friday, November 17th
After Blake Shelton is named Sexiest Man of The Year for 2017, Sean, Charley, & Matty debate on wether they got it right or not, and even share a few of...

A Little Too Smart?

Thursday, November 16th
Are you always the smartest person in the room? Well, Sean, Matty, & Charly break down why this isn't always a good thing when trying to be social.

Christmas Recalls!

Thursday, November 16th
Sean runs down the list with Charley and Matty, of new toys that have been recalled or deemed dangerous to the particular age group it was marketed too.


Thursday, November 16th
So you've heard of ghosting, but do you know what "roaching" is? Sean explains to Matty & Charly what the new term means!

Thanksgiving Pants

Thursday, November 16th
Ever in the need for the perfect pair of Thanksgiving pants? Well, Sean, Charly, and Matty discuss where you can find them and how they'll make Thanksgiving 10...