Latest Episodes

Extreme Re-Wrapping

Tuesday, November 14th
Ever gift a birthday gift that'll be perfect for a christmas gift? Well, Sean, Matty, and Charley discuss what you can do to save feelings, time, and money!

Friendly Fraud

Tuesday, November 14th
Sean shares a funny but not so innocent story with Charley & Matty of a little girl, who took her father's phone and booked a child's lifetime dream travel...

Nutcase News!

Tuesday, November 7th
In this week's nutcase news, Sean tells Matty & Charley about a drunk woman in Florida caught riding a horse in traffic & a woman who trained squirrles...

Is Some A Number?

Tuesday, November 7th
Sean, Charley, & Matty try to grasp an understanding of a very interesting math problem that has gone viral due to it coming from an elementary teacher.

Old Money Is New Money

Friday, November 3rd
The new versions of money may have alot of people confused between real and counterfit. So Sean tells Charley & Matty a full proof way of discovering if...