Latest Episodes

Fingerling Dilemma

Friday, November 3rd
As Christmas rapidly approaches, the famous "Fingerling" toys for kids has reached a shortage in supply. So, Sean tells Matty & Charley some of the most...

Cartoon Swear Words?

Thursday, November 2nd
Charley lists off some of cartoon's favorite, creative, and most interesting go to words with Sean & Matty, that are used as substitutes for bad words!

Whoopi Sweaters

Thursday, November 2nd
As ugly sweater season approaches, Sean shares with Charley & Matty, Whoopi Goldberg's announcement to launch her own line of ugly holiday sweaters.

The Incubate App

Thursday, November 2nd
Sean shares with the morning crew, Charley & Matty, information on the new "Incubate" app, which provides some interesting features for saving cherised...

Don't Bring Your Kids!

Thursday, November 2nd
After kids began to run around uncontrollably and ruin some services, Sean tells Charley & Matty about a particular resturant & cruise line who banned...

Swapping Undies?

Tuesday, October 24th
After reviewing results from a conducted survey, Sean, Charley, and Matty discuss if men and women really swap underwear and for what reasons!

New Halloween Candy

Tuesday, October 24th
Charley shares with Sean & Matty a list of new popular Halloween candies this season, including one NEW suprise trick or treat desert becoming more common.