Simon Says

Sean shares with Charley & Matty some of the funniest, sweetest, and most clever fall love puns to tell your significant other this season!


With kids bringing home loads of candy this Halloween season, Sean, Matty, & Charley run down the list of the most common healthiest candies you can endulge on without guilt!


There's a thin line when it comes to friends borrowing money, so Sean shares a crazy story with Matty & Charley about a woman who borrowed money from her boss and did the unthinkable to avoid paying him back.


An Evening With The Eagles!

One of the most influential and commercially successful American rock bands of all time kicks off "An Evening With The Eagles" concert tour on October 17th in Greensboro at the Greensboro Coliseum! The southern California sound will fill the air as the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductees play hit...
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Remember the Rick & Morty sauce that had the country going crazy? Well Charley shares a crazy story with Sean & Matty about a guy who traded in his red VW car just to enjoy one cup of the sauce.


After a vet holds an annual pet xray contest; Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss some of the cutess/worse things discovered in the x-rays. Including a turtle swallowing a toy turtle.