Air Conditioned BackPack

Friday, May 19th

Sean looks over the "specs" of the newest gadget for summer "coolness" with Matty and Charley.


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So what's it. Here we are. All applaud your Friday morning dispensable player Friday so if you if you got a request some wake up real good splash some water in your face in a Collison 3730987. Been hot this last week you like to honor you like me you'd rather live inside a hollow ice cube and deal with the heat. I actually don't mind it as much as I think you view our though I did take the dog for a walk yesterday afternoon got halfway through it realize that I was dressed inappropriately. Oh man united needed to take the jeans off before the lock genes give super heavy when it's hot like this but there's a new product here to save us all its deep. Air conditioned backpack. Who OK because if you're out walking in the heat yeah a backpack does nothing but make you even hotter that's a worse because it's a little heat catcher there. Those Japanese companies put this thing out the two Cho air conditioned backpack cooling packed. And they say here in the description. It's not really a backpack. It's strap onto your view. Between your back and your backpack of and it's not really air conditioning he goes on to say here. It's a fan powered by Ford double A batteries the pushes air through vents in a cooling pack. Well so. It's not a backpack or CNN conditioning though what they call it air conditioned backpack when that there'd wires you know the best thing about it why. After four hours you have to change all of its batteries again any to bring back that and it shoots up your shorts that's what I like. Wait I think you may go to not those are real thing that's where now you dislike and things of shorts we don't want hearings. Simon Says. Start your engines.