America's #1 Doll...

Thursday, February 16th

Sean tells Charley and Matty about a new update on America's number one doll that has parents outraged.


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Odds that it fired at times asked nanny gate seven Simon we play everything we got to show speaking of underwear in the news there's two American girl stories out this week. I don't know if they're brilliant marketing or of these are just actual. American girl doll related news stories people are flip and out parents and kids are so mad at the new American girl dolls have underwear built into one. I don't why they met at book 'cause they say that's part of it is changing the underwear on your American girl doll and keep enough with the underwear and mentioned without fits and stuff. It's part of the play. And now they've eliminated that part and people are calling them why change something that didn't need fixing girls eight to twelve can keep track of their dolls undies my girls are really disappointed about this unnecessary change. That is that one less success 32 by the. And you just put undies on top of that built an ending that's rampant we really outraged about all peonies I'm wearing two pair right now just be safe. I case I have to lose one later date and. The next thing I'm going on American they have also announced that they are going to have their very first American boy. The first one that they've ever had ever all these years and I personally I think this is brilliant marketing. There are like hey what do we make this guide to use of the all the girls will bias book. He's a musician Alex. Life is like a little help restore old beavers is the very well since Logan is drummer. Yeah they'll look any soon. No I was. Here Nintendo.