To beard or not to beard

Friday, May 19th

Matty reminisces over his long lost beard, while Sean shouts out statistics with Charley.


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Am sure. No on 987 Simon thank you so much reveal what this is the only place you know here were your requests on the radio back to a player Friday at 3363730987. Now study of one of these. It makes me sad now not obese as governor nice though I know you've got app you got a lot of new growth over there as you may know Mehdi had a stunning beard that he shaved off for charity yes I raised 500 dollars for same bowel dregs they actually raise like 26 the 30000 dollars that we brilliant so they just talked to 8500. Women. And they had them rate photos of men. In various stages of peer group yes. Women said the men with full beards are not the most attractive as we've been hearing lately so yeah you might wanna think about what you're doing over there you know I've been told by certain women in my life that they appreciate. These lesser beer yes you got it would mean you almost going over the edge though country heavy stubble. In short stubble are the sexiest. Hairs on your face on your chin it's it's here there's so scratchy. Clean shaven men and full beards are the least sexy of all men I now. So I mean I think you gotta stop right there you might even have to back it up a little bit. What I think you are right on track look see I think this in kind of see it. It's addition nowadays double this is almost stubble and I'm working on it for six months are huge free trade take a more it was that it would you. I'm like Neil Diamond I can't even yelled Atlantic.