Clean and live longer

Tuesday, October 25th

Sean and  Matty discuss the study that says cleaning helps you live longer. Charley believes that only a man could have came up with this plot.


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It right there. And there's a new study I think this is an age old wisdom that now they've just proven forests. The housework it and he years literally years to your life not doing it. No housework. By doing housework and I mean based boards. I mean mop and broom hardcore cleaning kit add years your life absolutely. Live with the new sofa cushions and stand and brush and all those problems out there that'll add years to your life. Take in the dust buster and going around the perimeter of the entire house will add years to your life more years to clean your house what do you think then what do. Then your house is clean and you live longer but. There's a small cap via life it's only for women and it makes no difference for men who bull. Old and I swear to god it says so right here full doing housework and add years to the life of a woman but it has no impact on men. And did this study a man. And his name is mr. Cooley. Nobody's head. Women who claim do all the stuff laundry and all the other things I mentioned live three years longer than women who don't really miserable years of cleaning up. And well under half an hour and now he's limited a clean car. One can.