Death by Fidget Spinner?

Friday, May 19th

Just when you think the hottest toy is kid-friendly. Matty, Sean and Charley discuss.


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And play and everything on the got a so so happy you're with us today go back to a player. Yes only get a lot of weeks so we're joined it calls a draw 23730987. You might remember a few weeks ago we warned you. After you got yours squish cheese and your what do visible things loving it is squeaky dues and your kids are making slime the next thing was the Phidget spinners and other officially here everywhere you know they're unstoppable and I was thinking at least with a Phidget Spinner. You can't get your hand caught in that you know are gonna lose a toe. How old how did you get hurt by effigies critter will now we know how you can be heard by a Phidget Spinner 01 now those little pushing so on the outside yet that did allow it to spin right. A little girl took one of the bush ends off she told her mom she took it off to put it in her mouth to clean it and when she did she swallow it. Okay but that's night we got lodged in her throat. And the only only reason her mom knew what she looked in the rear view mirror the kids in the backseat Sheila to the rear view mirror and kids make in a weird noise and drool is just the orient. And so she dried tried to do the Heimlich but it would move anything. Because it was logs but there was no resistance in the airway you know army. So they went to an urgent care they couldn't figure out what to do she ended up haven't go into emergency surgery to really remove the bushing from the third Spinner yeah. It's subtle recorder yet they a little ball bearing thing are met anyone like skateboard yeah exactly like you know the thing is is that I did notice that my kid had wanted to drop didn't think Al right now you know you don't put your mouth what does seriously don't know you know. Hey good morning to replace them. Like here at third or where I early.