Friday, May 19th

Sean and Matty are stoked for this one, Charley is signed up to be first in line.


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Yeah deja on 987 Simon and we can help we're glad you're here virtual player Friday. And there's a couple of super exciting things one of these is brand new news to me and about a bust out of my skin. Fareed it goes tomorrow. Is it how can they do this I think I've heard about this before it's that it that northside Baptist Church you know from eleven to three I think that encore Wallace. But they act I've heard that to get a truck full potatoes they dump it in the parking lot. And then everybody's comes grab some potatoes and they're there until they're gone well I mean I think should I go there now. I don't notice still wait in line. I mean yes is this going to be like the opening of a chick filet it is going to be people lined up around the block. And like Julie Lux Columbia there interviewed people in line to get a free days is going to be like that we have freer potatoes and you Wear potato costumes blue. Wind gets better and better don't bring French Fries so it's really offensive OK and so frequent traders and then if you're near a 7-Eleven. I have a couple for your main street cars built Randolph street Thomasville university parkway Winston stars buried in Louis Bill Lewis took lemons wrote in clemens'. All these places yes seven elevens bring your own cup slurred plea deal is back this weekend there was this weekend there is a dollar fifty fill up anything whistler now wait. It's not necessarily anything to do that red and that you have to hat hat that fit in like it's like the overhead container thing on the plane there's certain things and why why did a while these baby pools. Don't know it was going on schedule player Friday morning. All right here's pulled out forever or. Or graduating today.