Get Your Groove Back!

Wednesday, February 15th

Sean gives the scoop on how to regain confidence and to stand out to Charley and Matty! Matty was used an example...yay or nay? Check it out!


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And look here in 98 sevenths and played everything to get a show that's Duncan sheik groupings they'll remember when east of the town do blind tiger. You if you really here yet deathly there was that song was about what's happening we're gonna show and we want to help you be sexier. And be more confident and put it out there as they say put yourself out there and do. Matty is a good example somebody who could learn how to dance sexier. And their college dare you well you don't hide and yet there dagger of a like he's got back when yes spinal problems you can town and hey it's before or after the dancing. But scientists have said they even got diagrams argument is seen this video this week exactly what you need to do. To be hotter sexier dancer. I had what three easy things to do so that's not a retreat these stats. Swing your hips a lot and can't goes into that makes people think of Macon will be. A by Buddha. But of knowledge that makes me think of a gallon yeah dude don't be too symmetrical or repetitive with your arm and body movements because then you look like a robot hey this is outraged and make it out of hips moving and you're doing that do well. It does not carry yourself confidently. Answers to go towards rankings in the study were the ones who look Scheyer are insecure. So a lot to themselves well that's all you have to do my look at it isn't working yet. They understand that. Yeah it's. It's.