A Parent's Most Dreadful Moment...

Wednesday, March 15th

We all know at some point, a parent must have "the talk". There is no way around it... or is there? Sean informs Charley and Matty about a parent's anticipation.


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987 sided plays everything to bring back great memories. I don't win those guys opened up for Duran Duran which I would have told you hadn't happened yet it was last summer I. Though I know a whole Watergate if I go there now do you think they're still playing because I hate that I missed and went to it'd just. Hey thanks for hanging out with a us this morning if you're a parent. You probably have already ahead. But talk with Warner more of your children yours is eleven have you had talking unknown. Mother and father in law's telling me that my nine year old needs to start. Didn't talk. Jeff what. Nine years old they need to know what things are happening and why I mean if an older boy starts flirt with her son seed Elena. No they do not say those sister now. There's a mom out there who'd made a really cool list of things she would rather do than have to talk with her kid that's also why I mean it's like fifty things on the list of some of the Cubans are. Fly from New York to Fiji and immediately back with lay overs the net at. Snort like up a pig in her fairly for the rest of my life fall go back to dial up Internet you know my guys. Listen to my child learning how to play the recorder nonstop. Routes. Doing kids common core homework and the rest of the school year all these things better than given the talk of true. I'm dragnet unaware of what she also says she would much rather clean all the port of bodies at Coachella hope for. The talk of ten and now if you clean all of them so if you hit not need to talk or you're just stunning given. Trade goods and services.