Ranch Out!

Wednesday, March 15th

Hidden Valley is about to deck the world with ranch all over! Hear about the newest thing they are about to launch! Join in the chit chat with Sean, Charley, and Matty!


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Mr. Blair of 987 Simon another concert that started the past it's in the futures next month yet April when he first I think oh good Simon presents the Blues Traveler doubted the C deck cone denim and it's Jamison Denton agrees. This is grade together there was national ranch day it weakness hidden valley ranch has opened an outlet. Really we don't know why it's an outlet store where is the original ranch when it gets marked down and sent to the ballot and by really getting outlet prices at the ranch anyway. Is doing even. Even more bargain prices is not that expensive. Well this is just awesome man you can get all kinds of like your ranch T shirt. Now you're armed you're ranch pats your ranch stickers and your ranch mouse pads and Lindsey's decorate my living room in hidden valley rain and now you can also get a ranch dressing. Fountain and that line now that Iowa how crazy is that I'm looking that it right now. The hidden valley ranch fountain and it has on the front of the label says ranch out. Lonely yeah. And set if I. But nobody outta be upset about that it's a hundred dollars for your ranch fountain were so elegant deal that does but the problem is like you need to diddly about what's it going in there wind orange streak just. So I thought there and I. Does there's only one way to find out the good stuff is there is sort of win you buy your ridge founded comes with what they call a year's supply of hidden valley ranch which is 1236. Ounce by ounce bottles of prayers and I don't me is that enough that I think that. How about a six a lot of anybody London. He sat there and and I.