Random Animals!

Thursday, February 16th

Sean tells the crew about his experience with random animals. Can Charley and Matty relate? Listen hear to find out.


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Please do thank the Carolina thing man don't tomorrow's planned 987 Simon play and everything good good moans and get a show on Sean there's Charlie and and there's Mehdi filled in for rusty Doug thank you hear about it now I'm extremely happy wheels seem like that's pretty subdued and think well I can't freak out everytime we do it but I am very excited to be rusty he's not going to get rusty excitement we're gonna take you back away. Well. They're so are has every once in awhile a place will get a pet and didn't mean to like we've got this cat in my neighborhood I caller curbside cutie she shows of various houses. And she follows kids just like a puppy right so are the other day walking up and around the road behind these kids and then we get an email from the neighborhood ladies and is anybody listening cat that was all time with this cap and had but she showed up and loses somebody's house. And a Michigan gas station they just had a pet show up. It's a rooster. And he's he's delivered their for a little while now and they they say he loves peanut butter cookies he's become one of the family around there a rooster roosters name is Kevin. The gas stations. The gas stations named is much good news and it's a town called pol pol. My. Release are adamant I was again it. Talk about the it's a doozy of homo but the rooster who is clear his name is so like normal I don't get it.