Short Power!

Thursday, February 16th

Sean tells Charley and Matty about a new discovery that will make you wish you were born differently. 


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987 Simon plays everything. And a song about your guys the more ready where we get a joke thanks to listen to us today this going to be great news for some guys out there specifically ones and armored at all. That's there's a gene that shorter men carry with them that makes him live a whole lot longer than talk guards all change. And teach me. Grades they had to resort for a longer this is. People who are five foot two and shorter wow cat verses people who were five foot four and taller while mine and these guys he's it's shorter guys. Live the longest the five foot two inch shorter had a lot longer. Shelf life blitzer. Then I foot tall or six foot tall people what does it fit on a shelf stop it. South Africa's their feelings. Well look like loveless updated bank accounts up sort of I don't know did it maybe it maybe it's a different air quality down there I don't know. That's Somalia does not not in an elevator that's that's loaded. But down hearted silly. Our position they did they did this study over the course of many many years they did did on 12100 men. And they noticed that the five foot two inch shorter men lived to be. In their nineties and hundreds 250 of them. Are well into their hundreds at this point we're different. So I mean listen man. That the whole thing about short guys haven't Napoleon complex is because one day they will rule the world are going to be only guys left. It was designed there scared and kind of let them.