Too Much to Drink!

Wednesday, March 15th

How do you handle your breaking points? According to what Sean tells Charley and  Matty, a substitute teacher used a specific method while in the classroom...


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We got we got we got what you need to get out show an ID seven Simon and don't worry about it if you're going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and you're looking at the wine list they say now. Go straight to the cheapest model because it's not that much worse than the most expensive bottle on anybody's wine list if your. Restaurant that has good wine even the worst line is going to be decent why exactly and you know mark up unlike it's like there's a certain when that I bikers restore all the time that's ten dollars and everyone in my favorite restaurants it's like 48 when. Now he's got to ask the whenever rabbi wind will this. Fit in a box and will that box it in my purse. For when I'm in class short because sometimes when your substitute teacher who uses substitute well yeah kids love substitutes because there's so dropped. Yeah this this this does decide to see just couldn't handle it and so she put a big box of wine in her bag was drinking out of it. Maybe got sick in front of decades and maybe had to go to the nurse's office will either here's the thing man this this story fascinates me on so many levels yes. Was she a lightweight wasn't a tiny box of wine in a normal sized purse or was it a giant box of wine in no real big for I. Feel like you know since this is class which happens during the day that she used a drinking from the night before. That's broke up after I got to go to school but I can't stop Brigham has bugs of 10. That story just pouring wine out of a person your mouth that's sad for this thing. Kids substitute planets outside Paris and now.