Is that who I think it is?

Tuesday, March 14th

Matty tells Sean and Charley about a famous entertainer that he almost did not recognize.  Listen up to hear who he is talking about...


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I'm gonna show is here play and everything in I can't believe it Matty met a real true star. When he was up flying around the country the other day and yeah Jimmy it's wow man everybody's Bader director John Waters. Oh well yeah you. Does all those weird babies right well he did what was the one that cares hey ray went right at me and crybaby but yes some of them you cannot watch YouTube I mean they're just. Awful some of them are just so. Shocking yeah the the subject matter is like. Wrong I doubt it if it's one of those sixty you know it was saying any views on his phone and I'm looking animal and I swear I mean the thing is that it's at pencil thin mustache yes he's got a tiny mustache right and right on his lip line America you know an expert at talking I'm like I thought I recognized the sound of his voice that's heard him before but it's funny to that was Michael talked about talked him. So I finally waited so he wasn't on the phone I went up on the I'm sorry to bother you but I've you know I couldn't help but noticing about. Are you John Waters and he looks at you that he smiles is like yes I am and I was like COLT I expand. I can't Salem based fair it's not really maybe see his movies once or twice but what else is it as an ISI you're really. It's crazy out there art expo one time you know like so here Jose. All you did was have him confirmed who he was and then walk thank you sir and walked away and it backed away and that says so was he flying zone and one of insurers and very. I don't even oh yeah disappeared mysteriously. I can't believe it's a place I would you gotta you gotta be nicer than that though he never got paid to a fan again because you didn't say oh I love your work are all I read your book about his target across America and I thought it was very interest especially. The part about relief. You got your research next time.