Would you do it?

Thursday, February 16th

Sean tells Charley and Matty about some of the craziest wedding proposals.


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If you can show here on 987 silent about people talking about Michael Jackson little girl Paris on the grammys the other night with him. We can all grown up. Yes you really is. Very pretty just doesn't mean making a guest appearance of the nation star that's on after empire OJ yeah pretty cool. Now how far would you go for marriage proposal a lot of people do crazy things like billboards or they'll get on the kiss cam like that poor guy who dropped the glittering live on the kiss -- -- always kind of a bummer here's a guy named Kevin 37 years old for and he put a tattoo on his back asking his beloved to marry him it's a big how big chance to take. It's a big big Texas. Now that's just asking for trouble it's a huge tattoo it's like a big screen roll this is what he had tattooed on his back. Our family is now complete with Nancy Matilda and Arthur with angels watching over us to protect us ever after. My family mean the world to me and all walk with my name I wondered if someday soon you would like to do the same old Bryant. Join me on a journey that will last for our life all this is how does that he had it ain't over yet. I love you Joseph so I am asking will you be my wife now already corrects. Down to.