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Simon says Get Up!


Friday, April 20th
Charley, Matty, and Sean discuss the new condiment in stores called Mayochup. Mayo and Ketchup lovers eat your heart out!
Simon says Get Up!

Can You Guess The Smell

Friday, April 20th
Sean, matty, and charley ask their listeners if they can guess the smell that 12% people say they love! What's your guess?
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"There's a possum in my bedroom!"

Friday, April 20th
a lady finds a baby possum in her bedroom, but the next day she claims it isnt the same one she saw. Matty charley and sean tell their listerners about this...
Simon says Get Up!

A Hotel In Space

Thursday, April 19th
Matty and Charley talk about a new hotel that will be opening up in space in 2022