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Animal abuse...PLEASE READ

Oh, this is a hard one today. I am angry, pissed, frustrated, and so many other emotions I can not describe. Fox 8 ran a story, with video of undercover footage at an animal testing lab that I believe is here in North Carolina. The video is heart wrenching to watch, but I know in order to understand I had to watch it. Forgive me, but my thoughts are so scattered right now because as soon as I watch video like this or hear about animal abuse cases I get outraged. I’m not oblivious. I do know animals are tested on all the time for products we use everyday and for the medical field and everything else we consume on a daily basis. With that being said, I believe there is a boundary that is crossed when people in these labs are being mean and inhumane for absolutely no reason. Before I get hate mail, I am not saying everybody who works in labs do this. If you want to send hate mail, I welcome you. It created an emotion of anger – you should be angry. The individuals that take part in extreme abuse are scum of the earth and should have the same thing done to them…point blank! There should be legal consequences, just like Suzie’s law that was passed. Harder punishment for animal cruelty and now can be charged as a felony by law. We have talked about that on our community show ‘Triad Today’ that runs on Sunday mornings. I interview various people and experts about many different topics. It runs from 7-8 a.m. With all of the media coverage going on right now with Fox 8 covering this story, I hope it creates awareness. I am now on a mission to educate myself as much as possible to boycott any companies that participate in such acts. Once again, I know the reality of testing on animals and I know in essence it is how the products we ALL use are put on the market. A little bit goes a long way, and knowledge is power. Even if it is one company I boycott in my mission or if it’s a hundred…I want to be responsible in not contributing to their bottom dollar – go to Fox 8’s website and watch that video. I do not recommend it for small children to watch. It is hardcore and it is truth. I’m hoping they are already shut down, but I also understand there are a lot of politics involved in major money makers. I’m sure they are already attempting damage control, but I say to them TOO LATE. It’s people like the person that went undercover that expose and allow the public to see what is really going on. Good for him and he deserves a metal. Uhhhhhhh…what is it going to take for people to wake up? This is a question I am also asking myself right now??? Any feedback on this blog would be MUCH appreciated. I am not sorry to cause a stir, I am blessed I have a platform for many people to read or hear. So if anybody working in this industry wants an apology…forget about it. I stand my ground. Please help me on my journey in creating awareness so I can do my part…you can do your part in banning certain products or writing to our politicians to open their eyes as well. Knowledge is power…knowledge is power. I’ll get back on this issue as I continue this mission and I NEED YOUR HELP! Now I’m lining up phone calls to help spread the word. I want to blast these people…and I REALLY hope they read my blog. You can even call me if you like…we can go head to head…and trust me…you don’t want to go head to head with me on this issue. Any comments are welcome. Thanks for taking time to read this. Carmen

09/09/2010 8:11AM
Animal abuse...PLEASE READ
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